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VishalSEO Offers Diploma Course in Digital Marketing in MEERUT.
  • 6 Month Diploma Certificates. 
  • 10+ Certificates. 
  • Pre -Job Offer Letter.
  • 9 Month Experience Letter.
  • Lifetime LMS Access .
  • 30+ modules.
Aimed For Freshers,Working Professional, & Business Owners 

Vishal SEO Institute is the best digital marketing institute in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.


VishalSEO offering Basic and Advanced Internet Marketing Course in to help you make a successful career in the trending digital marketing fields.


The advance digital marketing training program start with 30+ essential modules, followed by specialization program in online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, & Social Media Marketing.


Moreover, we also provide Master Program in Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing, Digital Sales Optimization & Freelancing.


Our strong commitments to providing quality learning makes us stand apart from the competitions. We encourage each & every trainee to achieve excellence in all endeavors & aren’t satisfied until they meet their goal.

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Curriculum - Digital Marketing Course in Meerut.

Course Details


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Basic Modules

M1.Basic Of marketing

M2.Introduction to digital marketing.

M3.Starup Case Study.

M4.Graphic Designing For Business.

M5.Video marketing Fundamentals.

M5.Video Creating and Editing.

M6.Professional Blogging.

M7.Google Analytics Fundamentals.

M8.Social Media Optimization For Business.

M9.Search Engine Optimization.

M10.Link Buildings.

M11.Online Advertising & Google Adwords Setup.

M12.Email Marketing for business.

M13.Website Planning & Creation(WordPress)

Basic + Advance Modules –

M14.Lead Genration and marketing Automation.

M15. Advance Web Analytics.

M16.Conversion Rate Optimization.

M16. Advance Search Engine Optimization.

M17. Social Media Strategy & Management.

M18.Competitor Analysis.

Paid Advertising

M19.SMS Marketing &

M20.Social Media Advertising.

M21.Google Display Network Advertising.

M22.Video Advertising.

M23.Remarketing & Recall Ads.

M24.Podcast Creation

M25.Microsoft Clarity

M26.Microsoft Digital Marketing Centre

Career Oriented

M27.Online Money Making.

M28.Selling Digital Marketing Services.

M29.Ecommerce marketplace Selling.

M30.Interview Preparation.

Programs Highlight Of Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut

-6  Month Diploma Certificates. 

– Lifetime LMS [Learning Management System] Access

– Live Tools

– Latest Design Modules

-Certification Preparation



Get 10+ Certification After Complete digital marketing course from VishalSEO Institute in Meerut.

1.Google Analytics for beginners (Google)

2.Google analytics for power user (Google)

3.Social Media Certificate (Hubspot Academy)

4.Email Marketing (Hubspot Academy)

5.Inbound Certificate ( Hubspot Academy)

6.Basic Digital Marketing Certification (VishalSEO)

7. Advance Digital Marketing Certification (VishalSEO)

8.Google Ads Search Certification (Google)

9.Bing Accreditation (Bing Certification)

10.YouTube Asset Monetization

11.Google My Business ( Google)

Table of Contents

Job Opportunities After Complete Digital Marketing Course in Meerut

1.Search Engine Marketer

2.Online Advertising Specialist

3.Social Media Marketer

4.Online Reputation Manager

5.Website & App Analytics

6.Email & Notification Marketer

7.CRO/ Lead Specialist

8.Inbound Marketer

9.Client Account Manager

10.CRM & Automation Specialist

11.Digital PR Specialist

12.Website Content Writer

13.Digital Copywriter

14.Affiliate Marketer

15.Video Marketer

16.Campaign Strategist

17.Digital Marketing Manager

18.E-commerce catalogue


19.Seller Onboarding  Email

20.Support Specialist  Product

21.Listing Manager

22.UI/UX Specialist  Graphic

free digital marketing course in meerut phonographs related to job career

Check the Job Portals for the latest Digital Marketing Jobs in Meerut Uttar Pradesh and where you show interest.

Career Opportunity After Completing Digital Marketing Course.

Carrier opportunity after complete digital marketing

We Won Best IT Institute Award In Meerut.

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Best It award winning Institute in Meerut
Best Digital Marketing Winning Award Institute In Meerut

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Digital Marketing Interview Question Series.

Definition Of Digital Marketing ?

Segment Of Digital Marketing ?

What Is Keywords,Types of Keywords ?


100% Job Assistance by Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut.

In today’s competitive world, everyone needs a secure job for the future. And VishalSEO as a Digital marketing institute provides 100% job assistance to their students.

Best LMS For Home Learning

The LMS includes course PPTs, recordings, quizzes, self-help tutorials and forum for getting answers to queries and available only for the registered student.

User Choice Awarded as “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education”

VishalSEO is awarded as the “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education” in Meerut.

Digital Marketing Course in Meerut with Tool based learning

You’ll get the experience to learn and handle 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts and agencies to speed up your learning & output.

Most in Depth Program

VishalSEO provides experience to learn and handle 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts. They also offer classroom live practical sessions which help aspirants to implement better what they learn.

Affordable Fees with Value for money

VishalSEO one of the best digital marketing Institute in Meerut ,We provides value for money courses which you can afford at the best price in the market. There are various institutes in India that are offering digital marketing course at a very high price.

No Specific background is required

The best thing about pursuing digital marketing course from VishalSEO is that you don’t need a specific background or a degree. It just requires your passion and willingness to learn new skills.

Great Learning environment

Before joining any institute, the environment is the first thing that comes up in everyone’s mind.It is a major aspect in the matter of learning anything. That’s why, the ambiance and environment Vishalseo offers is very interactive, positive and motivating.

Industry’s Top Trainer

At VishalSEO, they have the top industry experts/trainers who support each and every student to achieve excellence in all parameters such as SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, Email- marketing, Google Ads and Affiliate marketing, etc and to meet their desired career goals.

High Quality of Training

All the training modules are consistent and meet industry standards. They are highly concerned towards quality & consequently run quality check audit to make sure that it meets all accepted best practices.

Live practical sessions

VishalSEO provides live training sessions and helped students to understand the topic many times by providing extra classes whenever they require. They also teach you how to practice in your job interviews.

Get Practical knowledge while pursuing a course.

You can get the most while pursuing the digital marketing course as they provide the hands-on learning experience. Students can get the best exposure to practical knowledge. They also give assignments and PDF etc.

Trained 200+ students

Since establishment, VishalSEO has trained more than 200 students in India.THE FACT- 50+ Fresher got their 1st Job, With VishalSEO Certifications and Over 86+ Trainees Got Better Career with Average Salary Hike Of 20% and 100+ student start their startup.

Makes you an expert in Digital domain

Once you have done with the Digital marketing course from VishalSEO, you will be able to apply in big organizations and reputed ad agencies without any fear.

Weekday/ Weekend/ Sunday Batch

As we all have our busy schedule and people don’t have time to join the course on a regular basis. This is the reason VishalSEO have special flexible timing to provide training. You can join the course according to your choice.

Benefits for Students

Digital marketing is hype today. And it is one of the industries which are having a lot of scope and job opportunities in it. Students who just passed their 12th standard can join VishalSEO best digital marketing training institute in Meerut and make their career in this exciting domain.

Benefits for working professionals

Working Professionals, who are looking for exciting growth opportunities and better pay perks, should definitely go for VishalSEO Advanced Digital marketing course. After the completion of digital marketing training, you can demand a good position and avail the best package.

Benefits For Startup and Entrepreneur

VishalSEO called is best digital marketing institute in Meerut Because we help to setup their Business to Startup and Entrepreneur.

Benefits for small business

If you are running a small business and don’t have a good budget to spend on your business. You can join VishalSEO digital marketing course and start to implement the digital marketing tactics and techniques in your business. This training can assist you with a cheaper and cost-effective way to reach your customers in real time.

Free doubt sessions and Backup classes

You can anytime ask for the doubt session if you feel like. Or you can book a slot and a day for the same concern.In case, you miss any of your class VishalSEO provides the facility to give you the backup class for the same. It is a big advantage any institute can offer.

User Choice Awarded as “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education”

VishalSEO is awarded as the “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education” in Meerut.

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Overview Of Digital Marketing

What is marketing overview-free digital marketing course

What Is Digital Marketing? ​

The term digital marketing refers to the use of numerous digital tactics like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with the potential customer. Marketing experts observe the digital marketing as a new venture which maintains a new way of understanding customers.

And it is also a new form to understand how consumer and audience reacts compared to the old ways or traditional marketing.The main difference between inbound marketing and digital marketing are basically the same thing, but there are some major differences. A talk with marketers and business executives in India, Asia and other countries. We have a overview of numerous small changes across the globe.

Want to learn Digital Marketing

When you do marketing online using digital devices like Mobile Phone,Computers,Tablets ,it is known as digital marketing.

Structure Of Digital Marketing​

Step - 1:
Website Development

Firstly Create a website of your products and services,Then SEO.

So,We will work on wordpress website.

Why WordPress Website?

Because WordPress website is easy to use and SEO friendly.

wordpress development after free Digital marketing course in meerut

Search Engine Optimization​​

Search Engine Optimization

1.On page SEO:- Working on a website page to create page ,post,products google friendly.

-Make google friendly & Indexing.
-Increase Organic Traffic

2.Off Page SEO : Working on other website like create link on social site,or other website.

-Improve Website ranking.
-Increase new visitor at your site.

Learn SEO meaning in free digital marketing course in meerut

Channels Of Digital Marketing?​

Website Marketing: Website is the hub of all digital marketing acts. It is a substantial channel, but it is the agency required to maintain a number of online marketing campaigns. A website should also portray a brand image, products and services in a significant way. The website speed must be fast, with the accordance of mobile friendly, and easy to use.

Paid Advertisement (In-organic) : It enriches us to reach the internet users on numerous digital platform by ads. We can organize paid campaigns on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook and visualize ads to audience searching for terms in the context of the product. Paid campaigns always use sections created on the analytical (age, gender etc)or the exact interests or region. Google and Facebook are most renamed platform.

Content Marketing: The main aim of content marketing is to inform the audience by the use of beauty of content. It is basically published on a website and then promoted by social media, email marketing, SEO,or paid advertisements. The equips of content marketing include : blogs, podcasts, and webinars, ebooks, online courses.

Email Marketing: It is one of the best potential of digital marketing channels. The audience get confused with email marketing with spam email messages we all day, but that’s not what it is all about. Email marketing is the main channel to get in touch with the audience interested in your brand. Digital marketers use many other digital marketing medium to add leads to their email lists through email marketing.

Social Media Marketing: The main persona of a social media marketing campaign is to make a brand awareness and create a social trust. It can also used to get leads or even as a direct sales channels.

Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and the internet has brought a new beginning of the old form. We highlight other’s products, and we get a sum of money credit every time we make a sale or introduce a lead in our bank account.

Video Marketing: YouTube has been acknowledge as the most popular search engine It has many who takes a look to YouTube before they make any buying decision, or to get knowledge about anything. And other video marketing platforms, are Facebook Videos, Instagram, to establish a video marketing campaign. Many companies find out favorable result with video by merging it with SEO, social media marketing campaigns.and content marketing.

SMS Messaging: The main use of it , is mainly done by Political parties and candidates to use SMS messages to portray a positive mindset about their candidates and negative in the context of their opponents.

Digital Marketing As simple As Making Coffee.

Working Style Of Search Engine.​

Google Working Style:
1.Search engine  or google work as a mediators between between who search something and who answer something.

2.Google Always Follow the link.

Traditional Marketing V/s Digital Marketing

Door To Door Marketing

Door-to-door is a technique which is generally used for sales, marketing, advertising, or campaigning. In this, a person walks from the door of one house to the door of another, trying to sell or advertise a product or service to the general public or to gather some info.

Important :- Its Too Costly and time taking process.

Device To Device Marketing

Device to Device marketing is new technology of doing marketing.Now a days every person  have a mobile device so we can target all these devices by the SMS and E.mails, advertising to a specific audience across platforms.

Important :- Its Cheap and fast process.

traditional marketing vs digital marketing -in free digital marketing course in meerut

Newspapers Ads

Newspaper ads have always remained a classic form of advertisement and it is a version of print ads. The ad focus on the advertisement one item or one sale each one can work really hard to bring up in the eyes of customers.

Important: we can’t you filters and tracking.

Online ads Google Ads

It is an advertising service by Google,Bing,Facebook etc which aims to businesses waiting to display ads online. It is an advertising network. The program establishes to get a budget for advertising and only pay when users  show interest in there services and products.

Important:- We can use filter and easy tracking.

traditional marketing vs digital marketing image -vishalseo

Holdings Ads

When you drive on highway you always see a big holdings related any company.Its basically a way of traditional promotion. We pay for holding ads because traffic pass on that highway.


Important :- More Costly and can’t tracking.

Display Ads

Its a way of same concept as holding ads.We use online  display ads on website,google,facebook because all these mediums  also have traffic.

Important:-Low cost and easily tracking.

traditional marketing vs digital market3ng image 2

Scope Of Digital Marketing ​

digital marketing course in meerut,scope of digital marketing

The total number of activated users of 4.388 Billion, which is only 57% of the world’s total population. And in the context of mobile internet users is only 3.986 lakh , which tracks down to 52% of the mobile internet as a percentage of total population.

Digital marketing course in meerut-vishlaseo

Digital Marketing Scope in India ​

Before I introduce the scopes of digital marketing, let me take you to the graph of India in digital platform.Rank of India among internet users

total online population Digital Marketing-VishalSeo


online Small business in india

The total of 32% of 51 million small and medium businesses in India of web presence of any sorts. Google has started their journey on making digital adaption across the globe.

Carrier Opportunity After Complete Digital Marketing Course.

Carrier opportunity after complete digital marketing

After Complete Digital Marketing Course Carrier Opportunity.

Jobs Opportunity​

1.Search Engine Marketer

2.Online Advertising Specialist

3.Social Media Marketer

4.Online Reputation Manager

5.Website & App Analytics

6.Email & Notification Marketer

7.CRO/ Lead Specialist

8.Inbound Marketer

9.Client Account Manager

10.CRM & Automation Specialist

11.Digital PR Specialist

12.Website Content Writer

13.Digital Copywriter

14.Affiliate Marketer

15.Video Marketer

16.Campaign Strategist

17.Digital Marketing Manager

18.E-commerce catalogue


19.Seller Onboarding  Email

20.Support Specialist  Product

21.Listing Manager

22.UI/UX Specialist  Graphic

free digital marketing course in meerut phonographs related to job career

Freelancer Work

Freelancing job after free digital marketing course

Start freelancer work at home


10 ten freelancer website







7.Evanto Studio



10.Freelance India

Become a Startup...

digital marketing is important for startup digital marketing course in meerut

Digital Marketing is most important for startups.Now a days digital marketing is the backbone of  all successful startups.If you familiar with  any successful company name products and services ,is due to Digital Marketing.After complete free digital marketing course with vishalseo you become a startup.Start your own company with services and products then you can promote easly with the help of social media,google,sms marketing email etc. 

WordPress Development ​

wordpress development after free Digital marketing course in meerut

Start to develop wordpress website after complete free digital marketing course with vishalseo.WordPress is most popular CMS platform used for create blog and website.

Why we use wordpress?

1.Easy To Use.

2.Manage any device.

3.No coding knowledge required.

4.Search Engine Friendly

5.Website 100% costumed.

6. Fully Responsive

7.Extent functionality with the help of Plugins.

8.Multiples User Functionality.

For more topic in WordPress Click here

Referral or Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in free digital marketing course
Affiliate or referral marketing is drive form traditional  business tactics.
For examples  you goes in big marketing like Chandni-Chowk Delhi to buy Lengha or Shervani ,Sudden a person come and said let’s go with me dear sir/mam, i will help to meet whole-seller to buy shervani or lengha then you go with him or reached a shop where you bought a lengha or sharevani.Then whole-seller give commission  to that person who drive you. Same as in online  you give referral of a products and services to there friends and relative or your audience .If anyone buy products or services you will get commission.

Drop-shipping Business

Drop shipping business model in free digital marketing course

Drop-shipping Business model is new and latest business models in online worlds but if i am talking about drop-shipping in traditional business modules so its oldest business model.

Let’s take a example of a Retailer Jeweller:A Retailer jeweler show some picks of jewelry to costumer and costumer select a jewelery then retailer goes with whole seller and buy selected jewelry and sale to costumer. Retailer jeweler earn profits simple.

Drop-shipping business totally drive from this concepts,
If you want to start your drop-shipping business then create your online store put some images of a products with X-rupees and get order from costumer then buy same products y-rupess to a whole-seller website like AliExpress and earn profit.

Benefits Of Drop-shipping business

1.You can sale products word-wide
2.Zero investment.
3.No stock need.

Become a celebrate on social media

Became Celebrity With The Help Of Social Media free digital marketing course

These all  become start with the help of social media If you have a unique talent in yourself you become a celebrity with the help of social media .

Opportunity to become a Celebrate.

2.Tiktok star
4.Social Worker
5.Blogger etc..

still any doubt Learn Free Digital Marketing course