Google Adsense approval within 10 days| 6 Simple Conditions Only

Google Adsense approval within 10 days

Get 100% Google Ad-sense Approval With In 10 Days.

Before Apply Google Ad-sense full-fill all given 6 conditions.

Condition 1 : 10+ Post Minimum (Daily one post per day.)

Condition 2 : 100% Unique content.

Condition 3 : Create 4 Category Minimum with 4 post per category.

Condition 4 : Insert Google Analytics Code & Google Console Code.

Condition 5 : Create Pages.


2.About Us

3.Terms & Conditions

4.Contact us

5.Privacy Policy

6.Site Map

Requirement Pages For google Adsense approval

Condition 6 : Design Footer in 3 Column

Footer design for google ad

Column 1- Show All Pages.

Column 2-Show Author Information.

Column 3-Show Category.

Now Put Google Ad-sense Code and get 100% Approval.

Google adsense approval

My Students - Who got ad-sense approved.

1. ( Low Budget Travel Blog)

2. (Government Exam Details Blog)

3. (Explore The Dehradun, Blog)

4. (Cricket knowledge,blog)

5. (Tech, blogger)

6. ( Entertain ,blogger)

7. (Motivetional ,Blog)

8. (Government job details,blog)

9. (Government job details) ( News Blogger) (Religious Blogs)

any many more  .


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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Domain age Requirement ?

Ans: No domain age need,you can get google adsense approval with new domain.

Q2. Traffic Requirement ?

Ans: Zero traffic need for google adsense approval.But if you want to start earning then traffic is must.

Q3. Need SEO to get ad-sense approval?

Ans: No ,No need for seo in a Single Pages or Post.

Q4. Any special niche required to get ad-sense approval.

Ans: No,Not required any special niche .Select niche according to your interest.

Q5. Any Special Domain Extension Need?

Ans :No, but .com and .in is best to get easy approval.

Q6. Image copy-write Issues ?

Ans. No Google have not any issue at the time of google ads approval,But yes if owner of the Image can claim copy-rite issue to you. My Suggestion use images from and

Any special Theme For Blogging?

No, not special theme which we can get easy approval but my suggestion is that select a theme which is too much congested because Google want a hooch-poach theme where Google easy put ads in between your content. Prefer Themes- 1.Buzznews 2.Blogmagazine 3.Newsphere 4.MH Theme etc